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We are Filthy Otakus and proud of it.

As much as Megumin loves explosions or Goku loves food we love all things Anime. We made this ecommerce store for Filthy Otakus just like us so we can give you access to Anime figurines, accessories, plushy’s and Manga that will make you want to sing EXCALIBUUUUR. From the latest preorders ready for you to reserve, new models in stock or rare items that are hard to find we got you like a warm hug from Overlord.

Filthy Otaku is an ecommerce experience dedicated to giving you access to Anime figurines, Preorders from Japan, rare models, accessories and more.

Based and run out of Melbourne Australia all our stock is sourced from reliable, certified manufacturers and distributors packed in our humble warehouse in Melbourne and sent to Filthy Otakus across Australia and New Zealand. For the love of tech, No Game No Life style; you’ll find some handy features like Augmented Reality to find out if a figure fits in your room, because we want all our Otakus to have the peace of mind that the Anime figure they are buying will fit on that sweet, sweet shelf/book case/ PC case.

Where you can catch us

Like true Otakus we are a dedicated 100% to online ecommerce store. If you want to get in touch it will be digitally using the little help (?) symbol in the bottom right hand corner of this screen. If for some reason that doesn’t work then reach out to hello@filthyotaku.com.au and, at a safe distance we will do our best to help you.
100% online, 100% less chance to catch COVID ;).